All excursion notes and money if owing, need to be returned to the classroom teacher who will forward them to the Front Office for receipting. Please ensure your child's note is contained in an envelope with your child's name and class clearly noted on the envelope.

Term 2 2021

Alphashows - Preschool Possums (PDF 305.4 KB)

Alphashows - Preschool Echidnas (PDF 217.1 KB)

Alphashows - Kindy to Year 6 (PDF 291.5 KB)

Year 5 Birrigai Outing (PDF 239.6 KB)

Term 1 2021

Obstacoolathon permission note (PDF 294.8 KB)

2021 CMRC something different individual record sheet (PDF 201.1 KB)

Chief Minister's Reading Challenge individual entry sheet (PDF 153.2 KB)

Year 1 Tuggeranong School House Museum (PDF 294.5 KB)

kulturebreak - Dance Nation (PDF 313.6 KB)

2021 Swimming carnival (PDF 391.9 KB)