School Board

How our School Board operates.

What does the school board do?

Our school board oversees the maintenance of the school's development plans and school policy.  It also has a role to play in the approval of the school's annual budget and takes an active role in overseeing expenditures against the annual budget.  The board also has the power to allocate certain funds that are held by the school for projects and improvements that relate to the school's development.

The 2022 Board Members include the following elected and designated people:

Parent representative: Sian Phillips

Parent representative: Nick Tebbey

Parent representative: Phillip Bowden

Board Appointed Member: Judy Pettiford

Board Chair: Phil Bowden

Staff presentative: Kate Banwell

Staff representative: Amy Carr

Principal: Liz Wallace

When are school board meetings held?

School board meetings are planned to occur week 3 and week 8 each term.  Meetings take place at school in the meeting room in Cameron building.

Board Elections

Are held at the commencement of each school year to fill any Parent Representative and/or staff vacancies.  Elected board roles are usually of duration of two years.

Board Report and School Plan