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Farrer Primary School is a school at the heart of its community. Teachers and families work in partnership to provide opportunities to deliver excellence in learning, teaching, curriculum and student achievement. At Farrer the values of honesty, excellence, fairness, respect and persistence are seen as vitally important in the development of responsible citizens. Central to our teaching programs is a commitment to developing students with the skills and abilities to embrace the challenges of the 21st Century through curriculum that focuses on the explicit teaching of Literacy and Numeracy skills along with real world learning units to engage all students in the development, analysis and application of learning concepts. At Farrer Primary School we implement the Australian Curriculum.

Our school is committed to providing high quality teaching and caters for the needs of all students. Students are supported and encouraged to achieve their potential and have access to a range of experiences and opportunities. Our reputation in academic excellence and student achievement are complemented by our well respected Japanese, Visual Arts and Environmental Sustainability programs which support students to create and take responsibility of their future. I warmly welcome you to Farrer Primary School.

Kind Regards,

Linda Heath


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Enrolment Applications For 2019 is now open

Posted on 03 May 2018

Enrolment Applications for 2019 is now open until 11 June 2018 09:00AM.

Lodge applications for enrolment via the online enrolment application available at http://www.education.act.gov.au

If you need more information, please refer to this link



Kindergarten Information Session

Posted on 08 Sep 2017

Kindergarten Information Session

Farrer Primary School would like to invite you to our Kindergarten Information Afternoon. We are looking forward to a wonderful start to Kindergarten for your child. As part of our Preschool-Kindergarten transition program. We will be holding a Kindergarten Information Session on Thursday 2 November, 2017 from 4:45pm to 5:45pm.

Your child will also be participating in classroom transition visits at the following times as part of our Preschool - Kindergarten Transition program. If your child is not a member of the Farrer Preschool, they are also invited to our school visits, accompanies by an adult.

Visits will be at the following times:

Monday 11th September    10-11am
Friday 15th September       10-11am

Monday 23rd October         10-11am
Friday 27th October            10-11am

Monday 20th November      10-11am
Friday 24th November         10-11am

If you would like to join a Preschool - Kindergarten visit, please contact the Front Office on 6205 7911 and let us know which time your child will be attending.

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