Mac Unit

Mac Unit (Learning Support Unit Autism)

The MAC (Muti-Age Classroom) or LSUA (Learning Support Unit Autism) at Farrer Primary School is a specialised educational learning environment for children who live with autism.

Each child in the MAC has an individualised learning plan (ILP) which is implemented in all areas of their schooling. The program for the term and the child's placement for focused intervention is shaped around their individual needs which are identified on the ILP.

The goals set on their ILP's are identified areas of need for the individual child in areas such as;

  • Communication skills (expressive language and receptive language skills)
  • Social competence (reciprical interactions, sharing, turn taking, joint play, emotions, cooperation)
  • Personal independence
  • Self care
  • Cognition
  • Generalising skills
  • Application
  • Attention
  • And information processing

The implementation of each child's ILP is focused around a weekly timetable. The weekly timetable is structured to the degree of providing the children in the MAC with a predictable and familiar routine. This reduces anxiety within the children and sets up familiar patterns of operation for optimal learning. Activities are structured around ILP's and are designed to meet the goals of the individual child.

The placement of MAC in the mainstream setting at Farrer Primary School presents fabulous opportunities for integration, peer mentoring and peer modelling. The predominately visual learning style of the children with autism means that incidental learning opportunities can be established through planned integration sessions and group activities with mainstream children.