Early Learning Team

In line with the Australian Curriculum framework, the Early Learning Team at Farrer Primary School is made up of the Years K-2. This is currently includes two Kindergarten classes, two Year 1 classes and two Year 2 classes.

  • KP - Jessica Pickering
  • KB - Hannah Brydie-Watson
  • 1C - Danielle Couzens
  • 1LR - Les Longford/Alison Reid
  • 2G - Shannon Gurney
  • 2X - Andrew Xirakis

We believe that it is critical to nurture and support our young students through the early years of childhood and schooling, and recognise how important it is that every student feels safe and respected so they can realise their potential.

Our curriculum is based on the firm belief that intellectual and social development occurs through scaffolded problem-solving opportunities which take account of children's cultural backgrounds and life experiences.

Year 2 Term 3 Letter 2018 (PDF 212.8 KB)

Year 1 Term 3 Letter 2018 (PDF 951.5 KB)

Kindergartern Term 3 Letter 2018 (PDF 324.0 KB)

Year 2 Term 2 2018 Overview (PDF 232.1 KB)

Year 1 Term 2 2018 Overview (PDF 834.4 KB)

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