Physical Education and Sport

Regular vigorous activity contributes positively to children's health. Research has shown that a well-developed Physical Education and Sport program can enhance learning as well as helping children;

  • become fitter and healthier whilst developing their tendency to play and explore;
  • refine skills of body management;
  • develop confidence and competence in movement;
  • improve self-confidence and social competence;

Farrer Primary School offers a variety of opportunities for students to develop their motor skills and increase their level of personal health and fitness. Teachers actively involve their students in daily physical education lessons.

Sports Houses

Students are allocated to a house for sporting events and carnivals. Houses are named after wheat varieties developed by William Farrer in the late 1800's to be disease resistant and suitable for cold climate. The teams gain points for individual participation and sportsmanship and compete for a trophy at the end of the year.

  • Glenwarri
  • Winglen
  • Bencubbin

ACT School Sport Association

The ACT Schools Sports Council is chartered by the ACT Education Directorate as providers to organise school sport on their behalf. ACT schools are divided into four zones in the Secondary Sector and seven in the Primary Sector, catering for 60 000 students across the ACT. School Sport ACT firmly believes that school sport is an integral part of a child's development and plays an important part in Australian culture.

About School Sport ACT