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Kindergarten Information Session

Posted on 08 Sep 2017

Kindergarten Information Session

Farrer Primary School would like to invite you to our Kindergarten Information Afternoon. We are looking forward to a wonderful start to Kindergarten for your child. As part of our Preschool-Kindergarten transition program. We will be holding a Kindergarten Information Session on Thursday 2 November, 2017 from 4:45pm to 5:45pm.

Your child will also be participating in classroom transition visits at the following times as part of our Preschool - Kindergarten Transition program. If your child is not a member of the Farrer Preschool, they are also invited to our school visits, accompanies by an adult.

Visits will be at the following times:

Monday 11th September    10-11am
Friday 15th September       10-11am

Monday 23rd October         10-11am
Friday 27th October            10-11am

Monday 20th November      10-11am
Friday 24th November         10-11am

If you would like to join a Preschool - Kindergarten visit, please contact the Front Office on 6205 7911 and let us know which time your child will be attending.